CLEAR is a national innovation programme for individuals, organisations and regions in healthcare.

CLEAR, which stands for Clinically-Led workforcE and Activity Redesign, is the only programme of its kind in the UK, which solves complex health and care problems by simultaneously providing workforce and service redesign, and training clinicians to deliver it.

What is CLEAR?

The National CLEAR Programme provides innovation expertise, data analysis and a unique methodology which allows clinicians to redesign clinical teams and services. This leads to innovative recommendations of new models of care and workforce from those closest to care delivery, which improves patient care and the efficiency of organisations.

​CLEAR is a work-based learning initiative delivered by 33n, a company of NHS clinicians and data scientists. Individuals taking part will be seconded to the National CLEAR Faculty as CLEAR Associates, which protects their time to learn and innovate. The Programme then equips clinicians with powerful, bespoke data analytics and modelling tools to discover new ways of working alongside a structured online education programme.

CLEAR projects address local, regional, and national challenges in priority themes which enables organisations and systems to enact transformation to address the key challenges relating to the restoration and recovery of NHS services.​

CLEAR projects are supervised by the National CLEAR Faculty which is hosted by East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.


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