CLEARnotes is our clinically-designed AI-powered patient consultation summary tool which converts clinician-patient conversations automatically into clinical notes – leveraging AI and speech recognition technologies to produce clear, structured summaries

The productivity tool enhances the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of clinical consultations by listening to doctor-patient conversations and drafting a summary – allowing healthcare providers to focus more on patient care while maintaining comprehensive high-quality medical records and increasing overall productivity.

The technology has the potential to reduce paperwork by up to 75%, enhance productivity by between 20% – 80%, and improve documentation quality and consistency across a team – optimising safety and reducing staff costs.


Other benefits include:

The tool has been developed by a team of NHS clinicians and industry experts who together have a deep understanding of the complexities of the NHS.

We’re currently working with organisations who would like to become early adopters and co-designers of the tool – supporting them to transform clinician workflow and build capacity within existing resources.

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