National CLEAR Programme

We deliver the CLEAR Programme which was originally developed in partnership with Health Education England and is now sponsored by NHS England, regions and systems.

The Clinically-Led workforceE and Activity Redesign (CLEAR) Programme places clinicians at the heart of healthcare decision making and innovation. The programme combines clinical insight and data analysis to create innovative new models of care and workforce redesign

The CLEAR approach and methodology

Each CLEAR project comprises four key elements.

Clinical engagement – Understand baseline models of care, form relationships and discover key issues through qualitative data collection. This secures buy-in and gains operational insights about the service and challenges.

Data interrogation – Find evidence for key challenges, link qualitative themes to deeper insights, use qualitative data to find impact of change. CLEAR data tools offer accessible data analysis and visualisation, allowing staff to evidence issues and possible solutions.

Innovation – Create solutions for key issues with new models of care using bespoke modelling techniques, co-design and collaborate with staff and other CLEAR teams, share best practice and examples of innovation.

Recommendations – All elements of the previous phases come together to communicate the need, evidence, and the benefits of the recommended changes.

The aims of the programme are to deliver solutions that are clinically owned, increase the control of clinical teams in healthcare delivery, embed improvement technique and provide an efficient solution to complex change programmes.

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