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Health and care staff share a passion to do their absolute best for patients, however sometimes it can feel like the system gets in the way.

As well as CLEAR’s flagship 24 week programme, CLEAR has launched a one-day online course designed to teach the fundamentals of the CLEAR methodology. Find out more about CLEAR’s growing offer below.

CLEAR Essentials Live

Want to learn more about combining data analysis, clinical insight and local knowledge to improve health and care services? CLEAR Essentials Live is a one-day course teaching the fundamentals of the CLEAR methodology and how it is used to deliver new models of care and workforce.

What is CLEAR Essentials Live?

Designed by NHS Clinicians, CLEAR Essentials Live will teach the fundamentals of the CLEAR methodology, which combines data analysis, clinical insight and local knowledge, to deliver new models of care and workforce. Using a blended learning approach of interactive tutorials, e-lectures and discussion, this course will build on the skills required to analyse complex problems and enable you to innovate recommendations of care and workforce to enhance people’s experiences and improve outcomes.

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Who is the course for?

Anyone working in health and care with a passion for service redesign and those who want to learn more about the CLEAR methodology, leading positive change and the capability of using data for service improvement.

What will I get out of the CLEAR Essentials Live course?

You will receive a CPD accreditation certificate, a robust service improvement methodology and opportunity to meet and network with a cohort of fellow healthcare professionals all with a passion for innovating novel solutions.

How do I sign up?

CLEAR Essentials Live is priced at £500 per person and takes place at various dates throughout the year. 

To mark the launch we’re offering 33% off with code ’33n’ at checkout, saving you £165!

You can view available dates, sign up and claim the deal through the CLEAR Essentials Live Thinkific site.

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