Last week members of the National CLEAR Faculty took a visit to one of the project sites taking part in CLEAR Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC). Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), is one of four sites taking part in the UEC projects where CLEAR Associates are exploring ways to redesign services to improve patient care.

The CLEAR team took the opportunity to visit one of the UEC sites where colleagues were given a tour of the department and could see first-hand some of the themes and feedback gained from the clinical engagement phase.

Claire Brewster, CLEAR Supervisor for UEC, CLEAR Fellow and Frailty Nurse said;

“The day provided a great opportunity to network and meet the CLEAR Associates in person as well as understanding the estates and staffing of the department. We were able to provide 1:1 sessions with each of the CLEAR Associates to discuss some of the initial themes so far. Having worked through the programme myself in 2019, it was great to be able to impart some knowledge and guidance to the project teams.”

The CLEAR Associates for UEC are now entering the data visualisation stage where they will interrogate data using dashboards which the team will be trained to analyse and draw key insights from.

Megan Mills, CLEAR Associate at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said;

“It was great to get together as a team, meet the staff and have a tour of the department. It made the project feel real!”

You can find out more about CLEAR on the website and follow the programme on Twitter @clear4care.